Construction & Design Defects (and Florida Statutes Chapter 558)

David Adelstein is a Florida Bar board certified construction lawyer that represents developers, owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, design professionals, and sureties in construction and design defect claims.

In addition to understanding the role that insurance and performance bonds play in construction and design defect claims, Florida Statutes Chapter 558 also plays an important role.   It is important for parties experiencing construction or design defects to know their rights under Chapter 558 and serving a notice of defects. Likewise, it is important for a party that receives a notice of defects to know what their rights are.

David Adelstein has experience prosecuting and defending construction and design defect claims and preserving rights under Florida Statutes Chapter 558.  He also lectures and blogs about various legal issues pertaining to construction defects at

Finally, if you are a residential owner that purchased an existing property that has defects or issues that materially impact the value of the property and were not readily observable at the time you purchased the property, you may have a fraudulent nondisclosure / concealment claim also known as a Johnson v. Davis claim.

Please contact David Adelstein at or (954) 361-4720 if you have questions or would like more information regarding construction and design defects. You can follow David Adelstein on Twitter @DavidAdelstein1.


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