Construction Liens

David Adelstein is a Florida Bar board certified construction lawyer that represents developers, owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and design professionals with payment disputes that include preserving construction lien rights under Florida’s Lien Law (Florida Statutes Chapter 713).

There is a lot to construction liens including, without limitation, knowing: 1) how to properly preserve lien rights with statutory notices, 2) what amounts are lienable to include in the lien, 3) the timing to record a lien, 4) the date the lien actually attaches to the property, 5) how to transfer a lien to a lien transfer bond under Florida Statute s. 713.24, and 6) challenging or otherwise defending a claim that a lien is fraudulent.

Check out this chart that summarizes construction lien rights and this graph that depicts a construction lienor under Florida’s Lien Law.

David Adelstein has experience prosecuting and defending construction liens. He also lectures and blogs about construction liens at

Please contact David Adelstein at or (954) 361-4720 if you have questions or would like more information regarding construction liens. You can follow David Adelstein on Twitter @DavidAdelstein1.


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