Loss-Runs-ExampleEver hear the terms “loss runs” or “loss runs report?”  These are actually common terms in the insurance industry. Insurance companies generate loss runs reports that reflect a history of the claim activity on your policies.  In other words, loss runs reports document claim history on a particular policy which is taken into consideration when an insurance company is underwriting a policy (including renewing a policy) and determining rates  / the premium for the policy.  The loss runs report will itemize the respective claims and will include the amount paid on a claim or held in reserve (set aside) to cover the claim provided the claim remains open.  The amount an insurer pays out on claims in addition to the amount held in reserve to cover claims are important determinations that affect the rate / premium of the policy.


An insured interested in their loss runs history or interested in procuring insurance can obtain their loss runs history from their insurer (or requesting directly from their broker).  Understanding claims history is important which is why requesting this important piece of underwriting information can be beneficial to you.


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