When a lis pendens is recorded and the underlying action is NOT based on a duly recorded instrument and is NOT a construction lien action, an evidentiary hearing should generally be held to determine: (a) whether there is a fair nexus to support the basis of the lis pendens, and if so, (b) the amount of the lis pendens bond.    Check out this posting to determine more on the meaning of “fair nexus” to support the basis of a lis pendens in this context.

Without supporting a fair nexus between the underlying lawsuit and property subject to the lis pendens, the lis pendens will be dissolved / discharged.  It is important to note, however, that even if a fair nexus is supported, the party maintaining the lis pendens will, and should, be required to post a lis pendens bond as determined by the trial court.  If the lis pendens bond is not posted within a reasonable period of time set by the trial court, the lis pendens should be dissolved / discharged.

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