UnknownEver hear the expression, “there are many ways to skin a cat?”  Of course you have!  Well, this expression can apply to construction as there are many ways to build a project to accomplish the same objective–to deliver a completed project.  


The various ways projects are delivered are oftentimes referred to as construction project delivery methods.  Such delivery methods can be the traditional method of design-bid-build to the much more sophisticated and collaborative delivery mthod of integrated project delivery (“IPD”) to the method aimed at delivering needed public projects (such as infrastructure) known as the public private partnership (“P3”)




Below is a basic presentation illustrating the following construction project delivery methods:

1)   design-bid-build

2)   design-bid

3)   construction manager at-risk

4)   integrated project delivery (“IPD”) and

5)   public private partnership (“P3”).




Check out the presentation to get a general understanding of the highlights of each of these project delivery methods.


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