images-2Be cognizant of the pollution exclusion in your commercial general liability (CGL) policy. 


The non-construction decision in Evanston Insurance Co. v. Haven South Beach, LLC, 2015 WL 9459979 (S.D.Fla. 2015) illustrates the affect of the pollution exclusion.


In this case, the plaintiff was at a catered event and suffered injuries consuming a liquid nitrogen infused alcoholic beverage.  The plaintiff sued the vendor.   The vendor’s CGL policy contained the pollution exclusion and further defined pollutants as follows:


f. Pollution

(1) “Bodily injury” or “property damage” which would not have occurred in whole or part but for the actual, alleged or threatened discharge, dispersal, seepage, migration, release or escape of “pollutants” at any time.


 “Pollutants” mean any solid, liquid, gaseous or thermal irritant or contaminant, including smoke, vapor, soot, fumes, acids, alkalis, chemicals and waste. Waste includes materials to be recycled, reconditions or reclaimed.


The vendor’s CGL insurer argued that the liquid nitrogen constituted a pollutant; thus, there was no coverage under the vendor’s policy for plaintiff’s injuries.  The Southern District Court of Florida agreed. The Court held that liquid nitrogen is an irritant (a substance causing irritation) falling into the definition of a pollutant.  The Court further held that the irritant liquid nitrogen was discharged by the vendor into the plaintiff’s alcoholic beverage falling into the pollution exclusion, i.e., injury or damage which would not have occurred but for the actual discharge of a pollutant / irritant.


If you are working with products that could potentially fall within the definition of a pollutant and the pollution exclusion within your CGL policy, consider procuring pollution liability insurance to cover you for damages / injuries caused by that product.


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