I recently put on a presentation regarding the Davis Bacon Act.  A portion of the presentation is below. 


The Davis Bacon Act is a federal act that governs prevailing (or minimum) wages on federally funded or federally assisted construction projects.  The Act requires laborers and mechanics (those performing physical or manual labor directly on site) to be paid a minimum cash wage plus fringe benefit based on the class of labor, type of project, and the geographic locale of the project.   


Any contractor or subcontractor that performs work for the federal government should be aware of the Davis Bacon Act.  Also, any contractor or subcontractor that does Florida public construction work should be familiar with the Davis Bacon Act since many public construction projects receive federal funds / assistance triggering the application of the Act.


The prevailing (or minimum) wages governing the labor classes for the project will be published in a wage determination.  The wage determination will be part of the prime contract and posted at the site.  It is typically an exhibit to subcontracts too. 


Weekly certified payroll is required to be submitted verifying the cash wages and fringe benefits paid to laborers and mechanics.


Make sure you understand the application of the Davis Bacon Act so that you know the “wage floor” to pay laborers and mechanics and any bona fide fringe benefits that may apply to ensure compliance with the Act.


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