COVID-19 has brought on tons of uncertainty.  Tons of angst.  Tons of concern.   Tons of deliberation and questions over whether this is (i) a force majeure issue, (ii) a national emergency, (iii) an occurrence that gives rise to a business interruption insurance claim or a property damage insurance claim, or (iv) a basis to support the application of impossibility of performance or frustration of purpose.  Both money and time are involved.  Contractual provisions and rights are involved.

During this time, cash may be king, and there may be stress over cash flow.  (Cash is always king, but maybe even more so now.)  This may be impacting your decision to seek the right legal advice NOW.   It does not need to be stated that getting counsel involved sooner than later is always in your best interest.

I am offering video conference consultations for your construction issues.  And, if I cannot assist you, I will refer you to other counsel that hopefully can.  Take advantage of a video conference consultation to ensure your rights are protected and you are not waiting until the last moment to seek legal guidance.   Do not let COVID-19 prevent you from prudently seeking the right guidance and advice NOW.   Reach out to me and I am happy to coordinate a video conference to start the introduction and dialogue.

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